Monday 8 March 2021


Full Video Highlights Reel
Here's a recent 3d animation commission for Sinclair Studio that kept me busy during the first few weeks of the year, an explainer video on 'Understanding Groundworks' for RM Construction & Development. The animation essentially had to show the complicated process of how foundations and basements are created for pre-fabricated houses in a stylised and accessible way. This meant wrapping my impractical mindset around the highly practical field of groundworks. The clear script and process storyboard by Sinclair Studio proved invaluable in getting my understanding kickstarted. Initially, I set about developing 3d environments and construction vehicles in Cinema 4d with RM's branding colours to set the visual tone while the technical details of the script/boards were hammered out. Each scene brought new challenges whilst being constructed in Cinema 4d, such as placing pipes and utilities correctly in the foundation dig, getting a good concrete pour, destroying a barn effectively and putting cameras in the right areas to capture it all. Ultimately it all stretched and elevated my 3d skills in a satisfying and rewarding way and hopefully the final video helps folks get to grips with those tricky ol' groundworks. I've posted the final 5 minute explainer video and a 1 minute highlight reel for the time impoverished plus some screenshots and 3d development imagery. You can see similar work for Sinclair Studio and Solivus here.

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