Friday 10 April 2015

Showcase 100

I currently have an illustration up in the Showcase 100 Exhibition at the Framers Gallery in central London. It's a juried exhibition and publication set up by the good folk at Little Chimp Society and Hire An Illustrator. There's some great work in the show so it's well worth a look...if you can get down there by tomorrow when it finishes that is! If not, you can always get the book.

Wednesday 1 April 2015

BSFA Award Nom

Very pleased to find myself nominated in the Best Artwork category at this year's British Science Fiction Association Awards for Sophia Mcdougall's Mars Evacuees cover. The awards are held at the Dysprosium Eastercon convention this coming Easter weekend and I'm up against some stiff competition so my fingers will be crossed at all times until then. Looking back at the history of the awards it's a real privilege for me to be nominated amongst some of the hugely influential names on there, Jim Burns in particular, was a big inspiration for me as a sci-fi art obsessed youth.

Giffery From Brussels

I've been sitting on a bunch of photos from various trips over the last six months that I wanted to blast into the blog-o-sphere somehow so I'm going cutting edge, circa 1987, with the latest in gif - with a hard G - technology. Firstly, here are a few scenes that stole my eye on a lovely trip to Brussels late last August. You can find more photography over on my Instagram account if you fancy a gander.