Tuesday 23 January 2024

Future Home

Here are a couple of recent editorial illustrations for Good Housekeeping on the subject of the Home of the Future. With a quick turn-around I created these digital collages featuring numerous elements mentioned in the article from domesticated robots and auto-bins to smart eco-homes and hemp bricks. You can see another fun tech-based commission for Good Housekeeping here.

Wednesday 10 January 2024

What's Next?

Here's my first post for 2024, a brand new cover illustration and animation for BBC Science Focus' 400th issue on What's Next? for science in our lifetimes. The brief was to design a bold typographic illustration to convey the wide variety of themes in the issue from Mars colonies to weight-loss pills. I set about creating 3d text in Cinema 4D and wanted there to be elements, such as the planet and brain, that would interact with the typography and the internal backdrop design that the font acts as a window into. Once we'd settled on a modern font that worked I created the illustration in Photoshop then animated the 3d models in Cinema 4d and composited it all together in After Effects for the Apple edition moving cover. Another satisfying commission for one of my favourite clients. You can see more Focus work on the main site here.