Friday 4 August 2017

The Great British Postcard

I've entered these two illustrations into a competition to design The Great British Postcard based on personal viewpoints of the country in 2017. The first entry, Brex the Lionheart, is a take on the current condition of the nation's pride and how an Elizabethan collar might help to curb any further self harm. The second, Keep Calm!, is a more playful interpretation of a nation acting out like a nostalgia crazed toy robot on the blink.

Tuesday 1 August 2017

ABRSM Piano & Practice Notebook

I've recently been busy creating lots of cover artwork for ABRSM's music exam books that I've yet to put out there in the web-o-sphere. I'll start with these two from the last year for the latest Piano Exam Pieces and the colourful Practice Notebook. I've been working with ABRSM for 5 years now and am really pleased to still be illustrating the new editions for each instrument. The style has gradually evolved over the years and become a little more refined and elegant perhaps since the first Piano incarnation here. Also good to still be working closely with designer Kate Benjamin who puts together the best brief around and co-ordinates the complicated and varied colour schemes for each instrument. Bravo innit.