Thursday 26 August 2010

Pipe Nightmares

Here's another recent illo for What Car? Magazine for an article called 'Tailpipe Truths' looking at the current state of car pollution. Chokes me up every time.

For Local People

Here's an illustration for Ethos magazine about the history of Localism as an ideology, you know, whether public services should be commissioned by locals or central government bigwigs. Look, a steam train!

Stay On Target

A recent illo for Target RED Magazine. It's here. Online shopping technology in a big hand...yeah!

Down The Albert

Popped over to the Albert Hall this week to get some cheeky snaps of the Proms illustration in full swing before the festy ends next month. Lovely evening for it.

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Don't Hang The VJ

Good chum and fellow studio peep Ben Cook has launched a new site showcasing his cracking audio-visual work called Synthetics. Check out the footage of his live animated projections for Finnish group Villa Nah, filmed by Tom Bunning, and good ol' boys, The Orb.

Monday 16 August 2010

I Need A Holiday, Holiday, Holiday

I've been a bit AWOL again over the last couple of weeks catching up on the illustration work I couldn't do in July as most of my time was spent working on this music video which I can finally unleash. It's for the Australian artist Vanessa Amarosi's new single 'Holiday' and was created as another Action Stations collaboration with Mark Taplin. We came up with the initial concept, designs and storyboards with director Dan Ruttley for Metropolis Studios, assisted on the green screen shoot and then worked our asses clean-off to animate the whole video in just over two weeks. It was tiring but we're pleased with the results which you can see on my site here ... and there's a poorer resolution version of it on Youtube replete with appreciative comments such as "sack the video production team"! Gotta love that 'tube.

Monday 2 August 2010

First And Last

Escaped to Cornwall again for a long weekend with Liz, my brother and a few friends. This time to beautiful Sennen Cove near Land's End, home of the famous First And Last Inn where a few Rattlers were caned. The weather was meltface hot so plenty of beach action, barbies and some seriously amateurish surfing attempts were in order. When the sun took a break we walked up the coastal path to nearby Cape Cornwall, originally mistaken for the real Land's End, and hitched a hilarious ride back atop the local 300 bus...into the foggy void!


Here's a few editorial pieces for a spread on Edinburgh's festival season in the nicely designed Velocity mag for Cityjet. Och aye!