Friday 29 September 2023

The AI Eagle Of Egypt

Here's a new animated editorial commission for Al Majalla on the current state of AI in Egypt.  I chose to use the eagle crest from the country's flag to symbolise the rise of AI and how it has been embraced by Egyptian youth. For the animation I modelled the eagle, rotating screens and brain in Cinema 4d and composited those with all the other elements in After Effects, adding music and sound effects to finish. You can see further work for Al Majalla here.

Monday 25 September 2023

AI & Engineering

More AI-themed commissions for the blog this week starting with a cover illustration for Professional Engineering on whether AI is an existential threat or engineering opportunity. Something in between no doubt. The brief was to typographically represent AI and I used Cinema 4d to model the technical looking structure around some 3d type before rendering it from a slightly ominous angle. To finish I comped the type with the 3d screens, texture and environment in Photoshop. See more work for Professional Engineering here.

Friday 15 September 2023

Big Deal

Here's an interesting cover commission for Al Majalla magazine that came to me almost ready made. The art director Sara Loane had a lovely Biden illustration created by Mona Eing and Michael Meissner pushing a 2d 'Deal' font on an orange background. I was asked to replace everything but Biden with some foreboding 3d typography and a subtle desert background. This would be used on the print cover and also required animating for social media posts. I'd created the font and rubble in Cinema 4d with animating in mind and composited the 3d camera moves and elements with the 2d Biden and background in After Effects before adding sound effects and music. A good collaboration overall. See more work for Al Majalla here.

AI Housekeeping

Here's an enjoyable editorial commission for Good Housekeeping on that familiar big story of the year, AI - a subject matter that, ironically, has been keeping me pretty busy with work as I fret about it being taken from me. Anyway, I love a good techy collage, me, and these two illustrations cover the gamut of potential AI pros and cons with bright palettes and noggin-centric compositions. You can see further science and technology work on the site here.

Friday 1 September 2023

Into The Lidoverse

Here are some recent experiments from my ongoing Lidoverse personal project inspired by Margate's iconic Cliftonville Lido sign and staring out to sea too much. The Lidoverse gallery has embraced the imposing brutal architecture of Arlington House this year and spliced it's DNA with the Lido for a few daunting appearances so far. The Lido sign itself is transformed into an end of Summer cocktail drinking vessel and makes an appearance on a flyer design for my wife and I's 50th birthday party, Margate Five-0, in July before congregating amongst itself out at a dusky sea. The Lidoverse continues to expand and is all 3d modelled with Cinema 4d and composited in Photoshop with my own photography. You can also see the work on the main site here.


Here's the second poster design for Dance Dance Dance at Margate Arts Club that continues the scifi/psychedelic style and hand rendered typography of the original design. I'm aiming to create a narrative of sorts if I get to do more, loosely inspired by pulpy Barbarella/Flash Gordon tropes, following a central figure on a kaleidoscopic journey. Stay tuned.