Thursday 20 June 2019

Lion On Our Streets

Here's a new illustration for Car and Driver magazine on the re-emergence of Peugeot in America after a 30 year absence. The 'Lion on our Streets' headline was already in place and heavily influenced the illustration as you can probably tell. I really enjoyed working on it, especially getting to sneak the Peugeot logo shadow in there. You can see this and other illustrations for Car and Driver on the site here.

Friday 7 June 2019

Archival Congress

While trawling the archives recently I came across some illustrations for a music project from a couple of years ago that I hadn't shared yet. These are a selection of unreleased album/single covers and concepts for the band First Congress who I collaborated with for a while on a number of illustrations and animated videos, the already released of which you can see here. These were the first visuals I worked on for the band while I developed the stylised graphic approach that would set the template for the later single covers. You can also see these on the site with related work here.