Monday 26 November 2018

Anna Goodson Coaster Campaign 2018

Get your mugs at the ready as it's Anna Goodson Christmas coaster campaign time again! This year's theme is all about showing support for the protection of our environment and comes with the hashtag #Illustratorswhocare. I chose to illustrate wind power as a source of green renewable energy and created a stylised scene featuring 3d turbines. Once I'd created the 3d environment and illustration I had some fun bringing it to life for an animated gif and a short teaser animation you can watch above. Anna also asked me to edit a promo for the coaster campaign featuring all of the excellent contributions from the agency's illustrators. You can read the full news post on the campaign here and see the work on the main site, along with previous coasters, here.

Monday 19 November 2018

In Transit

More transport-themed collage mayhem with this illustration for NYC's Transit Center. It's about how autonomous vehicles are falsely presented as a future solution to urban transportation problems and undermine investment in the struggling transit system. You can also see this on the main site here with related work.