Thursday 14 December 2023

Crablington House

I had so much fun last year creating Lido Crab for Margate's Crab Museum calendar 2023 that I couldn't resist submitting another local landmark/crab inspired artwork for the '24 edition. As I'd been developing some illustrations this year featuring the monolithic br-eauty Arlington House it seemed to be the ideal candidate for crab-ification. Working with a Cinema 4d model I'd already made of the building I added concrete pincers and legs along with some rooftop eyes before composting into a Margate Main Sands scene in Photoshop. Happy to say Crablington House was selected for the calendar along with some lovely entries and is available at the Crab Museum store here. Get your claws on one. 

Thursday 7 December 2023

Liar Liar

Here's a fun editorial feature for BBC Science Focus on the science of lie detection. I was asked to spruce up a photo piece with a more lively illustrative take on the selected stock imagery and create a title page in the style of a polygraph machine. For the opener I knocked up some Cinema 4d polygraph elements and rendered out a frame at the desired angle before moving to Photoshop for a bit of painstaking squiggly line font creation and paper texturing. For the main feature illustrations I enjoyed going to town on the digital collage style with eye-popping colour and distressed texturing. You can see more work for Focus here.