Monday 23 January 2017


Here's an illustration I did quite a while ago now that's only recently been published. It's a cover for the UCLA Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Annual Report 2016. The brief was to focus on telepathology in particular, the practice of using telecommunication technology and data transfer for swifter diagnosis and research. See the illustration on the site here with related works.

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Montreal 375

Get those liquid-containing vessels at the ready, it's time for the Anna Goodson Illustration Agency annual coaster promotion. Here's my illustration for this year's theme, a tribute to the great city of Montreal on the eve of the 375th anniversary of it's foundation. Always loved the inspired architecture and sci-fi weirdness of the '76 Olympic Stadium so it dominates my composition as it does the skyline. See previous coasters on the site here.

Monday 16 January 2017

Found Wanting Video

Phew, 2017 at last! First post out of the gates is for a new animated video for the band First Congress' latest single Found Wanting. The style runs with the Egyptian themed single artwork and mashes it up with petrolhead biker imagery all in support of a sassy performance by UK dancer Yasmin Ogbu. The video was great fun to make in a short amount of time. Once the style and treatment had been decided, with the band's driving force Tom Van Can, and Yasmin's green screen performance footage was edited I'd create scenes in After Effects on the fly adding a real sense of spontaneity that was refreshing. You can see the video here or on youtube and follow the band through the First Congress website. See all the artwork created for First Congress here.