Friday, 24 September 2021

Future Skills

Here's a recent cover illustration for Professional Engineering on the Future Skills that will be required of engineers to tackle tomorrow's challenges. Had fun creating this composition around the central type for the cover and making it work on a white background for the feature. Love a tech collage, me!

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

SALC Decarbonisation Project

Over the Summer I was commissioned by Lancaster City Council to create an animated video to showcase the work being done at Salt Ayre Leisure Centre (SALC) for their extensive Decarbonisation Project. The brief was to create a stylised 3d representation of the leisure centre and surrounding area with a dynamic and clear overview of the project aims and phases. Modelling the leisure centre in Cinema 4d proved to be the main technical challenge for me, as the building is quite a complicated set of architectural shapes, but I was pleased with the result after more than a few puzzling moments. Once the centre and other elements were constructed I worked with the client to put the script together, develop the visual style and storyboard the action. Once that was all approved the 3d camera moves were set up in Cinema 4d before rendering and compositing it all together in After Effects. Finally, the voiceover was commissioned and the music chosen to wrap up a satisfying and relatively smooth job overall...huzzah!

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

DNA Highway

Here's the latest cover illustration and animation for BBC Science Focus on DNA alteration's potential to offer 'A Cure For Everything'. I worked through a few approaches during the process, which I've attached above, before settling on the prog-rock style DNA highway concept. It's created with a combination of Cinema 4d, After Effects and Photoshop and the cover animation loops seamlessly for the Apple News version. You can see more work for BBC Science Focus on the blog here.


First post in a while, been a little preoccupied with moving home from the big city to the seaside whilst juggling a few work projects. Here's a recent cover for French magazine L'Express on the recent spate of ransomware attacks and how cyberwarfare is the new pandemic. Was commissioned for an editorial feature originally and it ended up as the cover - which is always nice!