Monday 28 November 2016

Axles To Grind

Here are two editorials for a spread on heavy truck safety in Car and Driver magazine in the U.S. The brief was to create an illustrated take on a recent horrifying incident in New York state involving an out-of-control truck, a jam of vehicles and a bunch of heroic individuals. It can be watched here if you wish, thankfully there were no fatalities. You can see the work on the site here with other Car And Driver commissions.

In The Future

Here's a new future-themed cityscape cover illustration for HGI Magazine showing the fast paced change of the industrial and investment landscape. Some cool driverless cars in there too! You can see it on the site here with related work to check out.

Friday 11 November 2016

Computer Brain

I have brains on the brain today with yet another illustration depicting the ol' grey matter in technicolour. It's the latest BBC Focus cover looking at How Technology Is Rewiring Your Brain, yes, yours. There's also an iPad cover animation to go with this one. See all the Focus related work on my site here.

Defeating Dementia

Here's a recent illustration for Nature Journal on How To Defeat Dementia. It was a tricky brief as the article focused on three courses of action in particular and the image needed to represent those along with dementia in a sensitive way. I came up with this damaged, maze-like brain illustration using a more graphic approach than usual and I'm pleased with the outcome. You can see my other work for Nature on the main site here.