Friday 16 October 2009

Downtime Sketchfest

While I'm toiling away in the bowels of Photoshop and waiting for the mac to choke and splutter through the rainbow wheel processor I'll dip my pen in the ink and idly doodle various shitkickers, vagrants and mutants. Here's a few. Say hi.


Been really busy for the last few weeks on various jobs but here's one that's in the bag. A large photo montage illustration to celebrate the fifth anniversary of North Finchley's Artsdepot. The fine photography was taken by Ben Brannan.

Personal Waterloo

Took these snaps of my favourite London view from Waterloo Bridge during my regular cycle ride around town the other week. Won't be seeing it in this sort of weather for a while me thinks, the Indian Summer has truly ended. Enter the drizzle zone.