Tuesday 30 October 2012

Martian Chronicles

Meanwhile, back on Mars, the Chinese have beat the Americans to the red planet in this cover illustration for Pacific Standard magazine.

Tingle On: Images 36 and 3 x 3 Proshow

The Tingler poster was selected to exhibit in this year's AOI Images 36 show at Somerset House and will continue on the exhibition tour around the UK. It also appears in the accompanying Images 36 Best Of British Illustration 2012 book in the Self Promotion category along with my Urban Utopia (New Scientist) and Creative Outsider (Design Week) illustrations both in the Editorial category. The Tingler pops up again in this year's 3x3 Proshow, selected for the Poster category.

Thursday 25 October 2012


No you are not seeing things, well, you are technically. Here are some illustrations for a feature on Hallucinations in the November issue of BBC Focus Magazine. All of the senses get in on the act.

100th Grey Cup Festival

I'm back at the wheel after some downtime with a backload of work to plonk on the blog. Firstly, here's a job for the folks at Bensimon Byrne to promote Canada's 100th Grey Cup Festival 2012 in Toronto. It's a big cultural sporting event based around American football happening in November. I had to produce a panoramic illustration that could work across various media and as five different banner compositions to hang around Toronto. Touchdown...as they say.