Friday 26 March 2010


While we're on the ornithological tip, here's a little sketch of the wonderful Brian Blessed as Vultan from Flash Gordon. 'Oh well, who wantsch to live forevahhhh!'

Duck Wars

Ever wanted to tour London on a yellow aquatic vehicle during the mayhem of the Blitz, now you can. Here's a recent OTT poster design for a World War 2 themed London Duck Tour which was fun to do, in an insane kind of way. Focke-Duck you might say.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Spring Loaded

I've been working a lot with the RHS recently on various projects which will begin to blossom as the year unfolds (see what I did there). After successfully promoting the Butterflies In The Glasshouse event at RHS Garden Wisley I've been commissioned, in tandem with the excellent folk at Premm Design, to work on a number of illustrations for campaigns throughout the year including this Spring design. Keep 'em pruned.


Here's a recent editorial piece for Security Management magazine in the US. The article is a pretty unfrothy look at tackling domestic terrorism, such as the recent shootings at Fort Hood in Texas, and the rise of self-radicalised lone operators. Uh huh, I need to lie down.

Wednesday 17 March 2010

A Beautiful Machine

Here's my monstrous contribution to an upcoming exhibition in Bristol entitled A Beautiful Machine. The two week bicycle-centric show is curated by John Mcfaul/Mcfaul Studio and Howies and will be at the Howies Bristol store from Friday 26th March til Friday April 9th. Check out some of the cool entries so far on the blog, should be a great show. Saddle up!

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Memories Submission

I mentioned the Memories Project a few posts back, an artistic response to the personal stories and experiences of cancer survivors. Here's my submission for the project which was based on the story of Wendy Nichols, who embraced a lifestyle change of health and well-being, particularly ashtanga yoga, over radio/chemotherapy and lived to tell the tale. The illustration will feature in an upcoming book so more news on that as and when.


Ok, my inner fanboy has collapsed with excitement and is currently recovering in hospital, chomping on grapes. Caught the exciting new trailer for Tron Legacy, the long gestating sequel to the 1982 Tron original, a childhood favourite and major source of early inspiration. Not sure how much of a hand original designer and personal hero Syd Mead had in updating the designs but looks like they've simultaneously retained and supercharged all the original qualities. New Daft Punk soundtrack taster sounds spot on too.

Tweet This

Here's an illustration featured in the current issue of the newly rebranded Design Week. It's for a column by design guru Adrian Shaughnessy looking at his newly acquired taste for Twitter and it's usefulness to the creative community. Looks like I'll be contributing illustrations on a fairly regular basis to the new DW which is pretty 'tweet (ouch).

Tuesday 2 March 2010

I'm Talking Here!

Thought I'd point you all in the direction of a few recent online interviews. First up is a quick Q+A for the recent Heavy Pencil event, which inspired this Daniel Plainview drawing. There's also a featured artist interview on my agent's site at Anna Goodson Managment and a recent profile on Adobe Creative News .

Potsdamer Platz Nights

Went to another Secret Cinema event over the weekend. This one had a teutonic flavour and was housed in an amazing derelict cinema on Shepherd's Bush Green with it's exterior dressed to resemble the Potsdamer Platz U-Bahn station in Berlin. The screening turned out to be the classic Wim Wenders movie Wings Of Desire and the venue was decked out like the film's Metropol club with live music acts and scenes enacted all around. The cinema itself was impressive and doubled up as a circus space with live trapeze artists mimicking the moves of the Marion character as she performs in the Circus Alekan on screen. This gorgeous art-house film was a brave choice for the organisers and I think they really pulled it off. I first saw this film about twenty years ago and I've always remembered the impact it had on me which I'm glad to say hasn't diminished in the least.