Thursday 27 April 2017


Pleased to discover I'm a selected winner in American Illustration 36 this year with my Pluripotency cover illustration for Nature Journal and will appear in the annual award book. After many years of entering the competition it's the first time I've made it in to the book, getting as far as the online Archive collection a few times, so proper chuffed. You can see the work on the site here.

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Time Enough

Time to find out where time comes from with the current cover, feature and iPad illustration/animation for BBC Focus. The brief seemed a little daunting at first but having the ol' trusty blackhole as a central feature helped me to work up some timely ideas around it. You can see the four rough initial cover proposals above, including a couple of landscape based ideas featuring mountains and sand (as if inside a huge hourglass). Ultimately, the blackhole sundial illustration was the image everyone gravitated to for the cover with the hourglass being chosen for the inside spread. You can see further BBC Focus work on the site here.

Tuesday 11 April 2017

The Cloud Factory

Here's a new cover illustration for IBM Systems magazine for a feature on their latest cloud tech. The brief was to create a positive-looking futuristic 'cloud factory' without suggesting pollution or smoke. I went through a few rough iterations above that were very colourful but had a touch of the toxic or just too cluttered before simplifying the chosen illustration for the final. You can see previous work for IBM Systems magazine here.