Tuesday 18 July 2017

The Ultimate Driving Simulator

Here's a new illustration for Mercedes-Benz / Daimler on the latest driving simulator technology based in Sindelfingen, Germany. The article is about peering into the future and how the simulator can provide critical insights for car production based on the streams of data gathered from virtual conditions. You can also see the illustration on the site here with related works.

Monday 3 July 2017


Here's some new illustration work for the 'Best Children's Album' Grammy Award-winning Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. Cactus Skidoo has collaborated with Asheville Symphony on a 5 song EP called Mozartistic that mixes the world of Symphonic music, specifically Mozart's works, with the world of hip hop. I rendered a piano-tinkling, deck-spinning Amadeus for the cover along with designs for the full CD artwork packaging. As a bonus it was really nice surprise to receive a cool little statuette of DJ Mozart based on the cover illustration. You can read more and listen to the tracks here. See the work on the main site here.