Monday, 5 September 2011

Paths Of Infamy

Busy couple of weeks in Pottsville, will get the posts flowing asap. For now, here's a Monday morn drawing of little known actor, Timothy Carey, who I've recently discovered from a couple of early classic Stanley Kubrick films. He plays a louche sharpshooter in the influential heist movie The Killing and an unfortunate French soldier facing execution in the WW1 anti-war film Paths Of Glory pictured here. He smash'n'grabs every scene he's in with his oddball charisma and built a reputation for pissing-off his fellow actors according to this interesting article on his barmy career and underground legend status. Will be all over this guy's crazed oeuvre.

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  1. Andy, this is a beautiful portrait of Tim! Please visit my blog for more about him; I'm actually in the process of writing a book about him! Best wishes, Marisa~