Friday, 16 September 2011

The Lost Boys

I recently went along to Future Cinema's California Classics weekend at Canary Wharf where they were reviving eighties nuggets The Lost Boys and Top Gun with outdoor screenings. I wasn't really feeling the need for speed so opted for death by stereo instead and went for The Lost Boys' mulleted vamps and greasy saxophonists. Santa Carla was recreated with a fairground, arcade hall, comic store and vampire lair all populated by actors and motorbike gangs hamming it up to eleven. The film was preceded with a cheese-tastic group karaoke session of the theme Cry Little Sister (Thou shall not fall etc.) and the movie itself was still great fun despite Corey Haim's fashion atrocities.


  1. Corey Haim's fashion atrocities are great, super baggy wacked out crazy eighties shit, disappointed no-one tried to match this style at the event : (

  2. I will stock up on bad Mondrian-style bathrobes to make amends : )