Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Manufacturing an Adenoviral Vector Vaccine Video

Earlier in the year I worked with Feed Films on an animated explainer video for AstraZeneca on Manufacturing Adenoviral Vector Vaccines. The lengthy design process involved creating a number of visuals and storyboards as the script went through various technical revisions. I've attached a few early style frames that I liked but were deemed a little dark so the final palette was developed to work with the AZ brand and up the positivity overall. Most of the viral, organic and manufacturing elements were modelled in 3d at the storyboard stage so once the production began I could go directly to animating them in Cinema 4d. These animations and loops would then be composited together in After Effects using the software's 3d camera and many layers of 2d enhancements. Quite technically challenging overall. The final video was edited together with music, sound effects and voiceover at Feed. The video is also available on the AstraZeneca Youtube channel amongst their other educational videos here.

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