Thursday, 31 January 2019

Raw Power Festival 2019

Here's a job I really enjoyed getting my teeth into recently, creating all the promotional material for a North London music event Raw Power Festival 2019. It's a festival I'm a fan and regular attendee of so was excited to tackle the relatively open brief from the promoter Baba Yaga's Hut. I saw it as a welcome opportunity to indulge my creative and musical leanings with the festival being a great showcase for 'the best psych heaviness, space rock, synth crazyness, left field electronica and much more'.

For the logo I looked for chunky typefaces to adapt into suitably psychedelic texture windows. The artwork came about after two flashes of inspiration, one of them retroactively. I modelled the central figure in 3d, initially thinking welding helmets and slinky robots and was reminded afterwards by my wife that it was probably all inspired by Jennifer Beals in Flashdance (1983). Probably. For the landscape I was thinking heavy-duty gig lighting and dry ice fog by way of Flash Gordon (1980) skies and strange floating droids.

Once the look was signed off I designed the posters announcing the partial and full festival line up then went to town animating a promo video in After Effects to the heavy strains of Gnod's Donovan's Daughter. I've included some of the promo stills here and a few of the initial poster designs beneath the finals to show the creative progress. You can also see the work on the site here with related work.

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  1. Finally some recognition. What a feeling. Probably.