Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Hush Hush Cinema

This post is a little overdue but during the last few months I've been along to a couple of London's Secret Cinema events. They showcase classic films in unusual venues and the twist is you don't know where or what you'll be watching until the last moment. There are clues aplenty though and the venues are decked out to capture the spirit of the film with numerous costumed actors playing out scenes and generally trying to whip up the crowd into a frenzy of anticipation.

The most recent screening was of Bugsy Malone, I have to say not my favourite film of all time, but I was won over by the art deco venue, The Troxy club near Limehouse, and the effort that went into creating the Great Depression era vibe - particularly everyone having to enter via the back entrance like regular hoodlums. There were live acts playing out songs from the film but the highlight had to be the live custard pie fight during the film's climax. A good splattering was had by all.

The previous Secret Cinema to that was a Halloween screening of Alien which just happened to be in a cavernous warehouse space directly behind my studio in Shoreditch. On entering there were live recreations of the chest-burster dining scene and an encounter with a caged alien on a metal catwalk drenched in steam and sirens. The space was really impressive with lots of great recreations and details, such as the beheaded Ash android corner, and the film was as amazing as ever.

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