Friday, 27 July 2018

Mind-Bending Future Life

Here are the latest covers for the BBC Focus Collection series for the themes of Mind-Bending Science Simply Explained and the Scientific Guide To Your Future Life. The content for these usually covers a broad spectrum of topics so I tend to go for a simpler striking visual that sums up the theme and sits well with the established cover layout. Working with 3d allows me to focus on a central object then experiment with camera angles, light and colour. Bright eye-catching colours are generally preferred by the publisher so once my 3d renders are in Photoshop then I can enhance elements and ratchet up the palettes to my heart's content. I've included some of the early ideas and variations on the finals for these two covers. I was getting carried away with flying cars and neon cocktail cities for the Future Life theme but the 'simpler' billboard-only approach won out in the end. You can see these and previous work for BBC Focus on the site here.

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