Thursday, 4 January 2018

Southside Engineering

The year is 2018. A disembodied consciousness floats in an abstract sci-fi void. A fitting description of me in the studio today and the contents of my first post of the year.

This is my new artwork and animated teaser for Bokhari Records latest 12" vinyl release BK16Southside Engineering by the talented Stephen Lopkin. I was chuffed to work on their first release BK01: Siafu back in 2012 so when I was asked to design their vinyl cover art again I jumped at the chance.

Eager to have a creative project to apply some newly acquired 3D skills to, I came up with this futuristic scene that alludes to the act of listening to electronica/techno while allowing me to run riot with gleaming, reflective surfaces and various neon-like textures. Above is the final vinyl 12" front and back sleeve and A and B side label designs.

Once I'd built the 3D scene it seemed rude not to experiment with animating the objects and camera it so I created the short teaser to introduce the artwork and the excellent track itself. I've also included here a selection of various lighter colour tryouts that I initially sent over before we landed on the optimum dark/luminous contrast. You can see more work for Bokhari Records on the site here.

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