Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Cow's Ear

I was really chuffed to be asked to create the main illustration for this year's upcoming E4 Udderbelly comedy and music festival on London's Southbank. After a bit of a bumpy start trying to navigate a brief that demanded the look and feel of the BBC Proms illustrations without actually looking like them I was really pleased with the result (top) which I felt had it's own vibe going on. The client seemed to be happy also. So I was pretty dismayed to see the London tube poster design (bottom) which features a heavily altered hack job of my final layered photoshop document. Without consulting me the whole crowd scene has been crudely rearranged and retouched in a way I wouldn't personally have done. I'm not one for sour grapes and I realise it might not look like much of a difference to the casual observer but it just ain't my work and I just had to put that out there. Beware of handing out your layered files.


  1. Wow they really fucked with that.. the whole "leading you into the pic" has been stomped on.. Esp liked the little flowers and shadows along the bottom of the original.. that said poster still looks great..

    I feel your pain though

  2. Dude, I saw this on the underground and I knew it was you.

    To be honest, the original is far better but I guess the experiance has made you smarter man!

  3. Thanks for the comments people, you live n learn.